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Rosa Moro New York State Hall Of Fame Inductee 2020

Congratulations from the Central New York USBC Association! Rosa will be inducted in Binghamton, NY at the State Hall of Fame dinner on Saturday, June 6th. This honor is well deserved as Rosa has bowled over 40 years and has served our bowling community with her outstanding work with her plaques, awards and generous heart! She has always showed the bowlers how proud she is of their accomplishments! Rosa is a team player and shows all around sportsmanship! Congratulations Rosa!!!!!

From the NYS website;

Moro has been a consistent participant in NYS Women’s and Queens Championships and Syracuse (now Central NY USBC) tournaments for the past 40-plus years, promoting the tournaments by enlisting new bowlers and providing on-lane instruction and advice.

She has contributed greatly to the sport not only as a tournament promoter, but also through her expertise at crafting distinct plaques, trophies and memorabilia for bowlers and other sport competitors.

On the lanes, she has averaged consistently in the 190s, and has had several top finishes in both the NYS Women’s and Queens events.

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