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Rosa Moro Presented With NYS Hall of Fame Plaque

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Due to the COVID pandemic many of the ceremonies for New York State USBC

were delayed and some only available through Zoom meetings. However, on

February 6, 2022, Rosa Moro was finally presented with her certificate for

induction into the New York State USBC Hall of Fame for Meritorious Service.

Rosa is well known to our community as well as much of Upstate NY for her

amazing work designing and producing numerous plaques and memorabilia for

fellow bowlers and others. Rosa is also an accomplished bowler and golfer

herself. She has had a 300 game and a hole in one!! She has averaged over 200

in league play and is a two-time champion of the Syracuse Queens tournament. In

addition, she and her team won the New York State Women’s Championship

tournament. She has many winning accomplishments for the Syracuse Women’s

City Tournament for team and doubles and singles events along with first place

finishes in multiple leagues in which she participates. Rosa has always been and

still is a huge supporter of our sport, giving advice and sharing her knowledge of

the game with so many others. The CNY USBC Association congratulates Rosa for

all of her accomplishments past, present and into the future!!

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